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Shaurya Kapoor

I highly recommend the Flow Yoga studio without a doubt!

What truly sets this place apart is the unwavering dedication of every instructor. It's abundantly clear that they not only have a deep passion for yoga but are also genuinely committed to ensuring every student has an exceptional experience.

I want to give a special shout-out to two remarkable instructors, Silvia and Kim. Silvia's approach is refreshingly unique; her sound healing class provided me with a completely novel and unforgettable experience.

Kim, on the other hand, exudes the kind of confidence you'd find in a preschool teacher. Her ability to cultivate a fun, lighthearted, and judgment-free atmosphere is nothing short of amazing. In her classes, you'll feel not only encouraged to make mistakes but also inspired to learn from them. It's a truly unique and effective way to motivate anyone to step out of their comfort zone.

I'm still amazed by how I managed to perform some of the challenging poses and moves in the trapeze class. Flow Yoga studio has truly been a transformative experience for me.

Joy Epps

I LOVE Flow Yoga!! From the owner, Silvia, to the instructors and admins; all are so warm and welcoming. The studio has a great ambiance, and the classes are wonderful. I especially love the new additions. The yin yoga, restorative yoga, and sound baths are incredible!!
I am a bit of a novice, although I have done yoga off and on for years. However, I am looking forwards to seeing improvements in my flexibility and core strength with this awesome flow family!

Molly Galandi

Flow Yoga is super beginner friendly. I thought I could never comfortably do downward dog, but I feel my wrists getting stronger and I don’t feel that terrible wrist pain anymore. I’ve only been to 13 classes, but I’m truly in love with yoga now. If you’re nervous, definitely ask which teachers to pick for a more beginner class. I mostly go to mixed levels flow, but I’ve also done a beginner workshop and the trapeze yoga class. The teachers are patient, explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and make it fun. They allow you to be super immersed in the class and your practice, but also they have a sense of humor and lighten the mood which makes us all more willing to try a new pose or position. I never even went upside down on monkey bars as a kid, but I was able to go upside down suspended in the air in the trapeze class, as I said- very beginner friendly! I bought this Flow Yoga shirt that says “I came here for Savasana” because there’s nothing better than the clarity and peace of mind you get in the Savasana pose at the end of every class. Love this place!

Cerena Sweetland

I always love trying out and learning new things! Kim gave a class that guided and really pushed me, and we had a lot of fun doing so. I wish I started doing Trapeze Yoga sooner, and now is a great addition to my repertoire of physical activities. I felt great afterwards and can't wait to attend my next classes, and I'm taking pictures next time!

Raquel Rios

I attended the sound and bath healing yoga and I have to say I truly enjoyed it definitely came out feeling zen. If you are debating on attending or signing up for a membership I would highly recommend they have multiple classes. I will say the trapeze yoga has been my favorite!!!!

Daniel de la Cruz

Mental and physical recovery is a must for me with my hectic schedule of work, sports, gym, and everyday life! Sylvia has rejuvenated me with deep tissue massage and total relaxation! I am so thankful for her! I highly recommend using their services for all of your needs for relaxation and rehabilitation! Thank you again!!!

Michelle Zabaldo

I absolutely LOVE coming to Flow Yoga! The staff and instructors are super friendly and always welcoming. They really make you feel comfortable no matter what level of yoga you are at. Highly recommend this studio to anyone.

Cynthia McCann

Coming to Flow Yoga is the highlight of my day/week! I love the variety of classes and the instructors are caring and knowledgeable. I really appreciate having more options for evening classes (Tanon and Christianna!!!) of varying levels. I LOVE coming to the studio. I cannot say enough good things about it! Silvia, thank you.

Jaime Medina

I had difficulties transitioning out of the military to civilian life and I was introduced to an entirely new stressor of life. Like many Veterans, I clenched my fists and opened a whiskey bottle saying to myself "I got this, I don't need anyone." How wrong I was to think this way. After getting myself fixed and relearning how to cope with everyday life, I had taken a couple random yoga classes and felt yoga was helpful. It wasn't until I met the owner of FLOW YOGA, Sylvia, that I realized how much of a wonderful, positive impact yoga has on my life. FLOW isn't like any other yoga studio, their loyal staff and dedicated following feel more like family than it does customers. Sylvia does a healing and restorative class that leaves you feeling rejuvenated to tackle all that comes to you. If you have never experienced sound bowls, I can't quite explain the power of it, just do it. You'll see what I mean. The more I attended class, the more focused and disciplined I became. I drank and smoked less, I developed positive friendships with others attending class. Sylvia brought her dream to life and shared it with our community. She gave all veterans discounts. When the City of Tracy opened its first warming center during Covid, Sylvia came every night providing her restorative healing classes for those experiencing homelessness. Many clients of the warming center participated. It is her decades of experience, inclusivity, and her loyal commitment to her clients that makes Flow Yoga different than any other studio. This is why I unhesitatingly recommend Flow Yoga to everyone in the community, all ages and cultures. Flow yoga has helped me win the day, everyday, through peace of mind, sense of clarity, being intentional with every action. Visit Tracy's original Yoga Studio, Visit Flow Yoga.

Ashley Almeida

I love this place! I have attended their yoga classes get my massages, facials and foot detoxes here. The space is gorgeous. So inviting and beautiful. The yoga class was in a large beautiful room with floor to ceiling windows. My massage and facials are perfect and I love releasing my toxins with the foot soaks. I am a busy mom and business owner so self care is much needed and flow yoga is my number one stop. Thanks ladies.

Theresa Nicholl

The instructors are all so nice and friendly and I felt welcomed the first day I attended. They offer so many different types of classes for all levels of experience.

Jackie Asfour

I first found Flow Yoga through SK body studio in desperate need of a massage. Sylvia has been amazing in all my massages and tailoring them to my needs. Everyone at flow yoga is so kind, welcoming, and answers any questions you have to make you comfortable and confident in your practice. Flow yoga truly appreciates their members and gives back in so many ways. As someone who is always on the go with a busy lifestyle, taking a class at flow yoga has been the perfect place to become centered after a long day, connecting and calming my mind, body, and soul.

Priscilla Juvet

I have been practicing Yoga for about 5 years at Flow Yoga and Wellness Studio and have enjoyed it since day one they are like My Second Family. Love All the teachers and my fellow Yogi’s. I definitely recommend anyone to try Yoga. They also offer a variety of Beauty and Health services like Massage therapy, Facials and many more. The Studio is beautiful and kept very clean. ❤️❤️❤️

Homer Farahani

I have been going to Flow Yoga Studio for over 2 years and recommend it to everyone. I was out of shape and had some aches and pains in my back and neck. I feel so much better now and have more energy thanks to Silvia and her staff. They are selfless individuals who dedicate their time to help others. I feel at home whenever I am in the class. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

Lissa Gilmore

This is a Tracy Gem! I love the effort they are putting in during these times to keep us mentally and physically motivated with their Zoom session.

Summer Mccormick-Meyer

I love my new ability to take daily classes at Flow. During coronavirus it’s become my new normal! The classes in the park are a great way to connect to Mother Nature Thank you

Tina Davila

It was my first real Yoga experience & I have to say, although it was challenging, my Son & I did pretty well! The facility is clean, the instructors & staff are super nice & we felt like a part of the class right away. I definitely recommend & my Son & I are making this a regular addition to our lives. Thank You Flow Yoga Studio!

Alex Ramirez

Great variety of classes, the intro two week package deal is awesome! Highly recommend. Great energy in this space and great instruction at all levels

My gf and I love this place


I’ve been going to Flow Yoga for almost 4 years now and love it! The studio and spa are so calming and peaceful. They have classes for all fitness levels, beginners to advanced and everyone in between. Variety of class times to accommodate almost all schedules. The spa side, every room is decorated thoughtfully with relaxation in mind. If you’re looking for a great workout, a place to meet new people, or somewhere to relax and get a facial or massage, I highly recommend Flow Yoga + Wellness Studio.

Julie Avedisian

I have attended classes at Flow Yoga on and off for maybe 8 years, starting when the studio was not downtown. The new studio downtown is so nice. Sylvia and the instructors have always been top notch. Maria is the instructor who hooked me into coming over and over years ago, and now I've discovered Bri and Holly as well who always challenge me. I haven't been able to take all the different instructors classes but every one is always welcoming, and the energy and vibe in the studio is awesome.

Kira Ferriz

I love Flow Yoga and everything it shares with the Tracy community. From the Instructors to the Studio staff. Everyone is always so warm and welcoming, and I look forward to just being here everyday! I couldn’t recommend a better place to practice, and always feel like I’m surrounded by family every time I’m here!

Melinda Bishop

I've been going to this Yoga studio since day one when they opened. The yoga teachers are professional and so helpful. They have a great variety of classes for everyone. The studio is beautiful and located in the heart of downtown Tracy. Definitely a place you want to frequent.

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