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Join us today at Flow Yoga and Wellness Studio for the best yoga experience in Tracy! Our team is committed to guiding you through our relaxing and innovative yoga programs that will provide the benefits and joys of yoga and help you find your peace. All levels are welcome in our safe and non-competitive environment, and we have many classes for beginners and more advanced yogis. If you are looking to gain strength and confidence or feel relaxation on a whole different level, we have you covered.

We want you to feel content when you leave our facility, not like you’ve simply completed a task. That’s why we pride ourselves in our amazing community, premier facility, and dedicated instructors. All of our classes are led by experienced and inspiring instructors, providing a balance of alignment, breath and mindfulness!

If you’re ready to increase your yoga skills, Flow Yoga and Wellness Studio is the perfect fit for you. We are happy to sit down and talk with you about how our training, relaxation techniques, and self-confidence all come together to craft the perfect yoga experience.

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Shaurya Kapoor

I highly recommend the Flow Yoga studio without a doubt! What truly sets this place apart is the unwavering dedication of every instructor. It's abundantly clear that they not only have a deep passion...

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Joy Epps

I LOVE Flow Yoga!! From the owner, Silvia, to the instructors and admins; all are so warm and welcoming. The studio has a great ambiance, and the classes are wonderful. I especially love the new addit...

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Molly Galandi

Flow Yoga is super beginner friendly. I thought I could never comfortably do downward dog, but I feel my wrists getting stronger and I don’t feel that terrible wrist pain anymore. I’ve onl...

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Cerena Sweetland

I always love trying out and learning new things! Kim gave a class that guided and really pushed me, and we had a lot of fun doing so. I wish I started doing Trapeze Yoga sooner, and now is a great ad...

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Raquel Rios

I attended the sound and bath healing yoga and I have to say I truly enjoyed it definitely came out feeling zen. If you are debating on attending or signing up for a membership I would highly recommen...

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Daniel de la Cruz

Mental and physical recovery is a must for me with my hectic schedule of work, sports, gym, and everyday life! Sylvia has rejuvenated me with deep tissue massage and total relaxation! I am so thankful...

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Make Yoga training at Flow Yoga and Wellness Studio a part of your weekly routine and see how real the results can be. Our Yoga classes will make you feel refreshed and reenergized for the rest of your week.

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What do I need to start?

All you really need to begin practicing yoga is your body, your mind and a bit of curiosity. But it is also helpful to have a some comfortable clothes that are not too baggy (the extra fabric might get in the way). No special footgear is required because we practice in our bare feet. You will need to bring your yoga mat, but if you don’t have one yet, don’t worry because we have mat rentals and mats for purchase here. It’s nice to bring a towel to class with you. We have all other yoga props that you’ll need here in the studio.

Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?

No! You are a perfect candidate for yoga. Many people think that they need to already be flexible to begin yoga, but that’s a little bit like thinking that you need to be able to play tennis in order to take tennis lessons. Come as you are and you will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible.

This newfound agility will be balanced by strength, coordination, and enhanced cardiovascular health, as well as a sense of physical confidence and overall well-being!

Why Are You Supposed to Refrain From Eating 2–3 Hours Before Class?

In yoga practice we twist from side to side, turn upside down, and bend forward and backward. If you have not fully digested your last meal, it will make itself known to you in ways that are not comfortable. If you are a person with a fast-acting digestive system and are afraid you might get hungry or feel weak during yoga class, experiment with a light snack such as yogurt, a few nuts, or juice about 30 minutes to an hour before class.

I Haven't Exercised In A Long Time And Have Put On Some Extra Weight. Can I Practice Yoga?

Yes, you can! You can practice yoga at any weight, size or fitness level. The experienced teachers at Flow can help you adjust the poses and positions to accommodate your body type. The gentle postures in a regular yoga practice coupled with mindful breathing help detoxify the body, cleanse the digestive tract and decrease anxiety and stress. Stress is one is one of the biggest culprits behind weight gain. Yoga can reduce stress as well as provide a gentle form of exercise that can strengthen your body and tone your muscles. A regular yoga practice combined with a healthy diet can encourage weight loss.

How Is Yoga Different From Stretching or Other Kinds of Fitness?

Unlike stretching or fitness, yoga is more than just physical postures. The physical practice is just one aspect of yoga. Even within the physical practice, yoga is unique because we connect the movement of the body and the fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of our breath. Connecting the mind, body, and breath helps us to direct our attention inward. Through this process of inward attention, we learn to recognize our habitual thought patterns without labeling them, judging them, or trying to change them. We become more aware of our experiences from moment to moment. The awareness that we cultivate is what makes yoga a practice, rather than a task or a goal to be completed. Your body will most likely become much more flexible by doing yoga, and so will your mind.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Practice?

Yoga is amazing, even if you only practice for one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice. If you can do more than that, you will certainly experience more benefits. We suggest starting with two or three times a week, for an hour or an hour and a half each time. If you can only do 20 minutes per session at home, that’s fine too. Don’t let time constraints or unrealistic goals be an obstacle. Do what you can and don’t worry about it. You will likely find that after a while your desire to practice expands naturally and you will find yourself doing more and more.

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